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Action | Horror
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94 min
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5.5 / 10 
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Directors: Josh Boone [Director] ,

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After a near-death experience during a strange tornado, Danielle Moonstar awakens in an abandoned research facility run by the mysterious Dr Cecilia Reyes. There, Dr Reyes introduces Dani to four other equally uncommon teenagers: Illyana Rasputin, Rahne Sinclair, Sam Guthrie, and Roberto da Costa, who wants to keep them safe and sound until they learn how to be in full control of their extraordinary abilities. However, even though the exceptional team of traumatised inmates believes that they're being treated and cared for, before long, they all start to experience horrifying hallucinations. But, this institution was supposed to be a safe place. Are they patients or prisoners?


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Just why

FOX have taken arguably 2 of their best franchises and took a dump. Its poorly written, devoid of any real excitement or terror and the acting is laughable. The idea of a crossover of these 2 behemoths appealed to me and still does under the right circumstances

Don't bother with this one. SO DULL !!!!

Really nothing new here. Dull, meaningless story. Acting was Ok but the script really didn't give much for the actors to play with.The only "mutant" to shine was Anya Taylor-Joy's.As for a power being able to become a dog, or part dog for most of the film, well, good luck with that one.

One time watch.

The movie is okay. A one time watch. It is expected that a sequel will follow. This movie has reference of X men but nothing to do with it. Acting is decent. Don't have high hopes with this movie. Just a time pass movie.
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