The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976) 1080p

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The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976) 1080p - Movie Poster
Adventure | Animation
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23.976 fps
French 2.0  
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82 min
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7.7 / 10 
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Directors: René Goscinny [Director] ,

Movie Description:
When Julius Cesar fears, that he will probably never be able to defeat the gaulic village of Asterix and his friends, he has the idea of offering the Gauls a deal: if they are able to solve twelve tasks that he selected, he will hand over the Roman empire to them. If not, they have to submit.


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I used to love this as a kid

But now everything is a little bit different so I can only say that I liked it. The adventures of Asterix and Obelix were the constant part of my childhood when I watched many of its live-action movies and cartoons; among the latters one stood above every other and it was The twelve tasks of Asterix - maybe because I was very interested in myths of Ancient Greece and Hercules' 12 tasks in particular at that time but the fact remained. Rewatching it now makes it a whole other, different experience: I get the jokes a lot better, they are very witty, even satirical (especially in the bureaucracy scene), I also love the animation style and, having watched this cartoon in its original french language, I realized what a tremendous job had the voice actors done to make this movie. But overall this is just another chapter in the lives of Asterix and Obelix, with no real tie-up to the previous or future movies or character development whatsoever - partly due to the screenplay being an original body of work rather than based on the comic books. The creators just wanted to have fun with it, tickle ancient history and myths a little and tell a story that would fit in the Asterix & Obelix universe and they succeeded but there isn't enough for me in it to give it another go in the future.

Absolutely perfect movie

Propably the best Asterix and Obelix movie there is, the animation is on point, the jokes are funny, the movie is interesting throughout.Please watch this if you haven't yet, i encourage you to do so!!!

Everything an Asterix animated movie needs to be

It has the classic french dubs, the style and the humor. It's well paced, has the humor and balanced references you need (the goddamn washing powder). The characters are parodies, stereotypes, but gentle ones, keeping everything in the appropriate tone. Finally, it rounds up the value of friendship through A/O's relationship but also A&O/the village's. Even Caesar finds his own place in the world, in a perfect -before it was cool- epilogue. Yeah, that's pretty much one of the best animated Asterix classics.
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