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Drama | Horror
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100 min
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Directors: Petar Pasic [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Anthropology professor was kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. Someone or something is still interested in his work.


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Deep Movie

Fair warning. This is one of those movies most of you will finish and be like, "WTF just happened?" I love those movies. I like to be still thinking about the plot a week later, doing research on the imagery. Discussing with others who have seen the movie. If you're looking for a big twist or want to be super scared, you'll be disappointed.

Decently shot nonsense in broken English

This atmospheric horror has some decent camera work but absolutely terrible writing and acting. The dialogue should never have been translated into English, given that they end up with broken nonsense ("How are you doing? I wanted to check out on you."). The mangled script is poorly delivered, and even when it's possible to guess what they mean, the underlying plot is nonsense. The only thing it has going for it is professional photography and ok sound design.

Confusing does not mean insubstantial.

Some stiff acting, that to me felt intentional. Great visuals and camera work. In my opinion, this story is a great concept that went beyond my expectations of "hallucinations" that are often done in these types of movies. Not a movie for the casual viewer, certainly worth the watch if you like strange films and the occult.
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