Reviews for Wonder Woman 1984 ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.8 / 10

Gal Gadot As "Producer": LMFAO

This movie was so bad I can't put into words.Not just sequel bad. Bad. I love action and fantasy, but this sequel is so bad I can no longer watch the original.

Music over the top. Acting non-existent/ Length felt like 6 hours and not in a good way.

Don't understand people raving about it (Gal's agent?). They must be connected to the film somehow (I see they are throwing the director rightly under the bus).

Save your money, watch the original seriesand don't let this ruin it for you like it did for me

2 stars for the actress legs and hair.

Actionhero movie with almost no action

Writer, producer and director Patty Jenkins really did a give this movie a feminine/soap opera touch and by doing so destroyed everything that this movie could have been. The first WW movie was not that great, but Patty did not write that one, this sequel she did and it is worthless. I was wondering if I was watching a drama or a action hero franchise. First the movie is far to long, the dialogue's are pointless and boring, you can skip with ease them because the story is not that complicated. For the action, the effects are good, not worth the time to watch, but still well made, but there are not very much action scenes. If you look at the demographic of the votes you can see girls <18 years are the only ones who love this movie, and that should have been the warning that should have been given with this movie: only see this movie if you are a teenage girl.

In quarantine, you'll buy anything.

Very colorful, lots of money spent. Kristin Wiig was a masterpiece of miscasting. She wasn't funny; she wasn't scary, but great costume. The whole plot was a vehicle to resurrect Chris Pine, but there was no real chemistry between them. It made the lines of endearment quite awkward and the embraces seemed forced. All the usual tropes: WW loses some of her powers, so there can be suspense; she plays Spiderman and holds two vehicles apart. Just nothing new and Gad Gadot proves again that she's a glamour model and poses well. She can't act. Still - entertainment in a vacuum of good movies, so watch it and be distracted for TWO AND A HALF hours.

Too long, corny and boring.

The script is awful, the performances are cringe to watch, and the dialogues are very cheap, It′s like a parody but not funny. Don't waste your time and money on this..

Awful, really awful.

The plot is amateur and full of holes. Bad acting, bad development, just a waste of time and money. How is that nobody in a group of people (including the actors/actresses) could say, ok we need to stop, this is nonsense?


The movie is so bad people actually start walking out of their own houses!


How can the first Wonder Woman have been so good...and this one is so horrible???

Makes Justice League and Suicide Squad look Oscar worthy

I have low expectations for DC movies. Some have delightfully surprised me. This falls flat on its face after 15-20 mins and never gets up...or even TRIES!! It felt rushed through production (definitely not in watch speed...). It was boring when their wasn't action and when the action started it was so fake it was distracting. Gadot and Pascal try and maybe have moments that don't suck. Wiig was...well exactly how you would expect her in an action film as a villain.

To say the movie is disappointing is an understatement which is sad considering I had zero expectations going into it. Glad it was streaming so I didn't have to waste money on a movie ticket.

As a huge DC and WW Fan this was such a shame...

I loved the first film, I enjoy super hero, action blockbusters like this whole heartedly, and I was so excited for my first big movie return to the cinema since COVID took away my favourite hobby. This...this film dropped the ball. Patty Jenkins dropped the ball, this raises concerns for her future Star Wars project, hopefully she takes the deserved criticism on board and adapts.

Miserable! Patty stick to DIRECTING - you can't WRITE!

The first WW was Fantastic. This is the polar opposite. Trite, predictable and an unintentional parody of a hero franchise.

How can they green-light $200 MILLION DOLLARS without the oversight to prevent such a disaster?! The screen play and concept are AWFUL!

If you insist on watching this garbage, just make sure that you wait until it is free on some streaming service, etc.

It gets 2 stars only as Gal Gadot tried very hard to do her job correctly, in spite of infinite hurdles of the screenplay and direction.

PATTY HOW COULD YOU?! This literally ruined the franchise!

Come on DC! What was that?!

Don't waste your money. My family sat down tonight all very excited to watch. No more than me. All three of my children got up and walked away from the movie within first hour and my wife had a nap. I was determined to see it through. Pretty upset I wasted $30 on this.


I'm not even going to write a lot here, all you need to know is this is potentially the worst DC movie out the lot.... and it's not exactly a high bar to overcome. What a shambles. So disappointed.

I renounce my wish !!!

I renounce my wish to watch a second Wonder Woman Movie.

This is Sad.

This movie was soooo bad, I had to join IMBD just to let you know!

Truly awful... actually unwatchable

Dreadful direction, Gadot is woefully wooden. What the hell happened to Chris Pine, as Kirk the world was at his feet?? Editing is shocking, pacing is dreadful. 45 mins too long. Pedro Pascal is better than this. Tone deaf. Just dreadful and the script needed to be rejected. Geoff Johns should be embarrassed. The macguffin.. it's a magical stone ... Aladdin's lamp for wishes. A film so wretchedly bad that it makes the dreadful X-Men: The Last Stand look like The Godfather. Gets 1/10 for Kristen Wiig who does her best with the material.

To think Disney have Jenkins directing the next Star Wars cinematic effort is utterly regressive and can only continue the cinematic destruction of a much beloved cinema behemoth. Undoing all that Favreau and Feloni have achieved with The Mandalorian. And continuing the damage devastatingly inflicted on the brand and franchise and ' share price' by Rian Johnson.

Shambles. Should have stayed in 1984.

One of the worst superhero films out there. Made no sense. The plot was shambles and the acting shambles as well.

Awful movie.

Let's say it's an awful end to an awful year. It's if the director hates men but wonder woman as well....

Vastly Disappointing

The first movie was great.

I wonder why Gadot agreed to do this one. I really wonder why with all the good things DC have been doing recently, they chose to do this to the franchise.

The film had a very few moments of grace, but then just let them all go. If you're keen to watch it, wait for one of the streaming services to pick it up.

Greatest movie to represent 2020

What a way to waste 2 hours and 30 minutes of my life.

A fitting end to 2020.

Finally, they've created the movie that knocks Halle Berry's Catwoman off the top spot of Worst Superhero Movie Ever!

Over 2.5 hours of absolute trash. From script, to CGI, to plot line, I'm embarrassed for everyone involved with creating this.

The positive reviews have got to be joking.