Reviews for Soul ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.8 / 10


I just didn't click with this movie at all. The score is really nice and the voice acting is great. The animation is good but I really disliked the character designs. They just looked so fake and plastic and smooth.

The whole theme and message just rang hollow to me as well. It was just like 'be you' 'find something in life'. But that was it. It was so surface level. There was no nuance to it, the characters were just like "I want to find something in life". That's so heavy handed to me and not Interesting.

The story was also a mixed bag of plots. I couldn't roll my eyes hard enough when a certain plot shown up. It is the most over done, boring and infuriating plot that for some reason shows up in every other kids movie. It was just so boring and made me just disconnect from the film because up until then I was pretty engaged with it and the world that they had created then they threw it away for a god awful plot that no one likes.

I also didn't find it emotional at all. I thought that this plot would have really resonated with me but it was just so hollow and I don't know, kind of dull.


I was so hyped to watch this movie since everyone was talking about it. The first 20 mins and I was already bored. It's not that deep, no humor at all, weak character developments and plot. Would not recommend.

Deeply hit my Soul!

I have a strange feeling after watching this movie, i don't know if i'm sad or happy! Such a deep and enormous experience, it hits me so hard as I share a lot of feelings with 22!, i didn't found my way yet but i hope I will!.... i cried many times... a first time at the age of 38!

A beautiful perspective on the meaning of life

This movie might be more intended for adults than children. It reminds you about the things that make being alive so great. It's not about making it big, it's about the little moments that happen every day. Anyone who regrets a decision they made, or who constantly thinks about where they would be if they would have chosen a different path in life should watch this movie. In 2020 when everything seems so uncertain and the concept and attainability of traditional "success" seems out of reach, this movie was able to put me in a positive headspace.

Not for kids

I really liked this movie and I think its a shame it couldn't get to theaters but it has a really elaborated script that could be a little difficult to understand for children. Besides that the movie is great and the message really moving.

Not one of their best

It was cute, and I liked all of the characters, but it just didn't click with me. Parts of it were slow and confusing, and I thought it dragged on too long. Not sure if kids will like this either.

Totally overrated

People are grossly overrating this movie. It's pretty boring for the first hour. Not even close to as entertaining as other Pixar movies. I don't think I laughed out loud one time during the whole movie. It's watchable, but I wouldn't rewatch it ever again.

Incredibly overrated

Every single kid watching it fell asleep more than 2 times..This is not for kids... it is complex, dark and very slow pacing story..I get the message but it didn't resonate on me the way many reviewers are saying ..Many plot holes..

Also, there are a lot of similarities between this one and Inside out, a way better movie than this tho ..

Moved Me To Tears

I can't put into words how close to home this movie hit for me. Not to sound pretentious, but it's more than a movie - it's a life lesson on how to live. It'll teach you that life isn't about careers, goals, passions, or achievements. It's about living, right here in this moment, exactly where you are.

The voice acting, animation, soundtrack, writing - all phenomenal. It is officially the greatest Pixar movie ever created in my book. Kids will enjoy it, but this one is for the older crowd. It's for anyone who's ever felt like their life has been a waste. That they've made too many mistakes, that they should have done something else, that it's too late to live. 10/10

Interesting idea

I enjoyed the movie's idea but I felt it lacked a proper ending. Therefore 7 and not 8.

Okay but overrated by reviews before release.

Yet another Disney film getting 10/10 from thousands of reviewers BEFORE the film was released.It's very topical. All about self esteem and finding purpose in life. Meditation, mindfulness and being yourself - fabulous. But it isn't great entertainment, it's okay. My other half fell asleep and the kids left the room to do something else.I liked the music, but it isn't going to convert anyone to love jazz.I liked it that the characters were mainly black, without it being a political statement. No reason for them to be black or not to be black.I don't really know what else to say. I wouldn't watch it again by choice but wouldn't mind it being on if the kids wanted to watch it.

Loved it almost to tears (and I'm a big man with a beard)

Before explaining why I liked this movie, I'd like to point out that the main idea of the movie is *NOT* that you need find your purpose to have a happy life. It's the exact opposite! I'm not saying this just to be a professor, but because it's really important and that's why I loved the film so much. You don't need to be fixated about something to find a meaning in your life. You need to savour it and learn to enjoy the little moments instead of waiting for something big to happen to reach happiness. It's so profound and refreshing. A movie just about a guy waiting for his big moment and feeling fulfilled after having reached it would have been dull, boring, trite and most of all wrong, like pretty much all "self-help" advices.Instead the opposite idea is presented and if you just pay attention to the dialogues -and the story, really- you'll understand what I mean and most importantly what you might apply to make your everyday life better.But back to the movie I've got to say I almost cried as the end was approaching as much as I was going to turn off the tv when the movie started. The whole initial setting reminded me too much of Inside Out, a film I quite disliked, so I was worried it was a copy of it (it kind of is in the beginnin). But luckily the second half steered away from it and developed in one of the most moving film I've seen in a long time. Undoubtedly one of Pixar's best.

The moral was on point - the movie was ok

This was DEEP, and something every single person can relate to . This idea of where we come from , why we are here and where are are going are fundamental questions that we struggle with as a species and universal themes make film powerful .

This idea that only people who are "great" have lived great lives is an insecurity we all feel and think about , the notion that everyone can find fulfillment and truth is powerful and something we can all unite behind . These ideas are presented clearly and well in a way almost anyone of any age can relate to.

The animation was good, there were some really funny parts , some pop culture references that were amazingly creative .

My main beef comes in with the lack of connection I felt to the characters , they were perfectly likable but I never really found myself cheering for them the way I wanted to . Parts of the plot are unnecessary and over complicated and I probably would not watch this movie again as much as I can recognize that it was well done - it wasn't as entertaining as it needed and not quite artistic enough to make up the difference .

I think everyone will like this film and many will love it - satisfactory movie and use of time .

Adults need to watch this movie

This movie was, quite frankly, a wake up call. This is a Pixar film for adults and it comes with an incredibly important message. I loved it and I absolutely want to listen to that message. #Goodatwalking

A movie that deserves to be paid for

Everything is beautiful about this movie, the music, the characters, the animation...i loved it, a big thank you to the makers of this art peace. Marry christmas and happy new year everyone.

Beautiful, Sophisticated, but Forgettable.

Its a beautiful looking movie, with a touching story. Though I didnt feel as though any of the characters were memorable. I also feel like this movie may be a little too deep and sophisticated for kids.

Beautiful, great pace and story, but...

While watching the movie I was sensing that finally Pixar did get it right. It's been long 10 years of crossing the desert with horrible movies. Only Coco was at the same level as the classic ones (Toy Story, Up, Wall-e, Ratatouille,...). And this one was pleasant to watch. I've enjoyed it very much.Pace is good, with great twists that makes it unpredictable, the editing and sound is also superb. One get immerse in the movie and feels the feeling of the characters.

Then it all goes well, the movie ends, and I continue feeling that I've watched a great spectacle. Good story, good emotions, good music. It's an adult film wrapped in animation.

Yet... after thinking about it... it looks like the scope of it is very narrow. The movie is forgettable. I could watch it again, sure. But I don't feel really moved or captivated by it. I won't quote its lines or hum its songs.

I think the reason is that the message itself is too big. Like a small mouth trying to say a big word. It's fundamentally about a transparent question to life itself. Why do we wake up every morning? why we do what we do? what do we want to do with the time we have present?

And the answer to that is weak, and full of stereotypes:Be good, enjoy little things, live every day at its fullest, finance people are bored and money is bad... well, while the movie gives a quick to the heart of finance (trading) the main character gets a ride in a taxi without the detail to paying for it.Life is what it is, but unfortunately (as the mother said) dreams will not buy you breakfast.

The problem is that the movie is the positive, beautiful and captivating side of life. A clean street where you can sit while watching autumn leaves fall. But there is a tedious and difficult side, where if you take a step out for a walk, you better know where you are going. Else, life will wipe you out.

Now, you could say the movie is what it is, and it's pointless to judge it from that angle. But... nor Toy Story, Up, Walle, or Ratatouille, felt like I could judge them in that sense. Those movies are perfect, round, and make sense by their own. The message fit the framework. Here it does not.

This is way way way beyond...

I had thought that with WALL-E and Coco, Pixar had reached their peak, but this... It's just life-changing if you let yourself be moved. It just made it into the 5 top movies of my entire life. Thanks Pixar for bringing this into the world.


Not the best pixar movie but an enjoyably family film nonetheless. It surprisingly focuses more on purpose in life than afterlife (which is a wise move considering people have different beliefs on it).its not overly laugh out loud funny, but it does have its moments of humour and the music is quite beautiful throughout. The plot despite having a few cliches is often rather originals and not as similar to 'inside out' as people claim.I do like how the film tackles purpose and is not as predictable as "person wants dream- person struggles to achieve dream- dream achieved."Overall an enjoyable pixar film not as bad as cars, not as good as incredibles

Another Pixar's classic

It's another Pixar's classic, Pete Doctre finally able to bring another Pixar's classic on the table. This movie will remembered and definitely will win 2021 best animated features Oscar.