Reviews for Rendez-Vous ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.7 / 10

Shot SOooo tastefully...

OMG! No offense, I used to think only Hollywood is able to provide deeply touching pictures. But after this movie I take my thoughts back. The story is simple: happy young woman with her age husband and 2 adorable kids feels a strong attraction to a worker at her house. There is a twist at the end, but I especially loved how their feelings were shown and developed. The best scene is when she is in the kitchen right after they were close , she feels that over and over again. Oh... Terrific! Why is low rating (5 currently) and not too much reviews? Should be 10 plus.

Pretty locale ..Dumb leading lady

How dumb was Simones character... ??? Very predictable... great locales.... great background score... but the dumbest ( without meaning to be )leading lady i ve seen in quite a while... didnt like the end

Predictable and boring.

Predictable, sometimes boring, slow, and with an ending not realistic.

Just a typical affair story

Nothing new here. I couldn't sleep and this was wrongfully in the horror category on Amazon movies. Also didn't realize it was in another language because it was called Obsession in English and I thought it might have been Naomi Watts from the cover but instead it was all European actors I've never seen before and they were all fine.

A premature end

I didn't get the end, it sound like a premature end!! Film begins like just another romance and there is no hope to be more than that, her husband takes second plan all movie along and he acts like a fool. Near to the end , table turns and it gets more interesting, but it's too late!The trap made by father and son has no sense to me, and the storyline lacks more explanation about that! Beside that, Loes Haverkort has a average perfomance but enough to make you keep watching until the end! To be watched late night on a boring sunday!

Predictable plot with some brilliant acting

With a slow buildup and not so riveting plot, the storyline was predictable. However, there were some awesome performances from the actors which did make up for it. Being said that, the plot became interesting to the end, and the climax was all the more realistic.

Some interesting twists

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. There were some interesting plot twists that kept me involved and anting to know how things would turn out. The acting was ok and you could see the illicit affair coming a mile away, but it was an enjoyable watch on a winter night.

Gripping and extremely well acted

Very enjoyable and engaging. The acting is flawless and it doesn't hurt that the protagonists are easy on the eyes. The scenes are rich in details and well paced. All kinds of tensions flow through and the movie induces you to feel for various characters. Local color is expertly sprinkled in and is its own force in the story. It's very smart in how it blends cotidian anxieties in the course of life and life's projects with unexpected volcanos of emotion and the terrifying roller coaster ride of it all.