Reviews for The Little Things ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.5 / 10

A Great Cat & Mouse Thriller

My wife and I first saw the trailer for this in the cinema and initially, it looked intriguing. It could either be really good or really bad. We watched this one on HBO Max and it was pretty darn good! In a serial killer movie that had a lot of feels to it like the movie "Se7en", this one didn't disappoint. Denzel is involved with the case because of personal reason, one that has lasted 5 years, and the case has striking similarities to one of his cases. Rami Malek plays the new hot shot with the LAPD and partners up with Denzel to find the killer. Their prime suspect is played by Jared Leto who, quite honestly, steals the show. The suspense and writing make this movie a MUST SEE. Definitely worth watching at least once!

New perspective

Can't raise the rating much, but still well worth the watch. As a crime drama fan, this film could have and maybe should have challenged Seven. None the less it's a crime study with a different ending and a study in what may actually happens. I do wish the writers had been more daring.

Great movie!!!

Acting is absolutely off the Charts. Story line very well done. Character development very well done (I love howDenzel's character is developed slowly). Law enforcement are just like how they portrayed, they will protect each other to the death. They have emotional breakdowns because their job is not easy. They Very well displayed a full spectrum of law enforcement, which includes that they sometimes get it wrong and when they do they live in their own hell, most not all. I say Oscar nod for this one.

Good but....

This was a longer movie. Great cast and acting but a terrible ending. Everything was going well until the end. I guess the writer tried to twist us. Sorry not good. Unfortunately it was building in a great direction and crescendo then fizzled. Plus never truly explained...only partially.This wasn't an acting failure however at the end directing and story twist. Sometimes when a story twists like that there are ooos and aaas well not here!

Have a good potential, but...

Great cast. The cast do great performance, i mean what do u expect right? hhaha

Good phase of story build, but somehow the ending make the stories wasn't that good as it were build from the start. Everything was clear and sharp until the klimax of the story. maybe it just me but idk, can be anyone else thought either.

overall, worth to try.

Brilliant - Old School Detective Movie

If like me your a fan of the 90s mystery, detective thriller that requires no CGI or special effects or other modern day movie magic effects then The Little Things is for you.

Its a shame that Hollywood appears to have has lost its faith in scripts like this one. The Little Things offers up a taste of the old school with its simple but effective plot that doesn't pretend to be anything that its not. The acting and dialogue is intelligent, subtle and effective. Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto all bring to the table a absorbing, masterful and truthful performances that really help bring a sense of long forgotten class to the movie.

The sub-plot that explores the past events of Washington's character for me felt a little off but was well explained as it subtly drifts in and out of the movie as more and more is added leading to it tying nicely together with the main plot. I personally loved the 90's Jagged Edge style twist at the end that although isn't earth shattering its fun and commendable.

The Little Things is a gripping and subtly tense movie that serves us commendable performances and a very well done simple but intelligent good guy vs bad guy plot.

Solid Entertainment and here's me thinking they don't make them like that anymore but after watching The Little Things.....I'm glad to see they do!

A good detective/killer movie

It's not something new but is something we need, good performance from all three but Jared Leto make the movie better.No Angels and the little things matter allways that we learn from the movie, is a bit longer for what the movie wanted to be, the director tried to make it like Zodiac or Se7en but eith not succes, i l tell you if you came to watch the movie after seeing one i already mentioned you will be disappointed.It's a movie for a Sunday morning after you wake up and take ur brakefast, you will enjoy it if u get along with the case.

Decent thriller

Well I thought this was a decent thriller but could of been better the acting from the main 3 characters were excellent as always they delivered but it was extremely slow and beware of an abrupt ending you will probably find yourself going back the last 30 mins and piecing it together but still a good watch

Compelling character study

This was unique and compelling and the performances were spot on.

Storyline just OK. Incredible acting!

Jared Leto's performance stands out in this film. Of course Denzel and Rami are also great but not they're top performances.

The trailer is a huge disservice to this film

The trailer plays up this movie as a thrilling crime movie with maybe a trial at the end with some action in it. However, the actual movie is much more toned down, there really isn't any action in at all and there is no trial.

This movie is a slow burn, it is meant to draw you into the "action" of detective work, studying a case, surveying a possible serial killer. If you are coming into this movie expecting played up action with a clear-cut killer and lots and lots of proof against them and everything written out in plain text just for you to understand it, this is not the movie for you and if you watch it, be prepared to leave a 1/10 star review; however, if you know what you are getting into, if you really like crime dramas that are very realistic with no movie magic or the movie playing up the scene to make it high stakes at all times, you will probably like it.

It was ok

As far as Denzel Washington goes this was pretty good but so predictable. Nothing new and for that only worthy of 7 stars.

Watch for the great actors

There was no way I was going to skip this movie with the great actors in it. That being said, I could only give it a 6 because the story/script wasn't worth much more than that. The ending is not your classic ending, which would have been fine with a great story/script, but since it wasn't, the ending was underwhelming. Still though, I got some enjoyment out of the actors.

Nice movie but..

The movie is interesting but I still think they could have done better scenes and improved the story line with a better ending.. However, as long Denzel is the leading actor you will never regret watching the movie

Makes you think

A decent mystery/thriller intriguing story fulfilled with symbolism.

The only thing that I didn't like was the slow buildup.However, worth seeing.

Still looking for another Se7en

There will never be another Se7en and, although this may appear similar, it is very different.Where as Se7en is all about the crime and the killer this is more concerned with the detectives hunting the killer.

We meet Denzil as a lowly cop sent on an errand to the town that he used to be a respected detective in.It is clear something happened here that put a downward trajectory on his career.

Almost by accident he gets pulled in to the hunt for a vicious serial killer.

The crimes are not particularly clever of interesting as are the suspects.This is all about the detectives.This is well made and produced, the leads have a sickly pallor about them that reinforces the desperate state of the investigation.

There is nothing particularly different about this movie and it is quite low on excitement.But the characters are engaging and I like watching Denzil in the detective roles where he gets to play with people.

As things ramp up near the end it feels like the writers are in a bit of a corner and the film takes a turn that is unexpected, yet still not very exciting.This sets up for a thought provoking ending.

This is well made and I did enjoy it - I just wanted it to be more.Don't expect much action or thrills.

Satisfaction Is Not A LIttle Thing

A movie can leave feeling any number of ways-happy, sad, amazed, provoked, whatever-but the common denominator of good ones is that when the lights go up, you feel satisfied; it was worth the trip. I didn't fee that way when this one ended. Yes, it made its point: a detective working a murder case can become obsessed; it's the burden of responsibility, seeking justice, retribution, vengeance-choose your word-for the victim. And the point of the story is the old proverb: "Before you set out on a journey of revenge, dig two graves" (or something like that). That's all well and good, but IMO, this story melted away in the last 30 minutes. With some hard work on the script and more inventiveness, it could have been so much more.

Denzel at his best

Overweight and grey haired. He's all into his character.Leto also with his oily hair and limp, he's perfect as the suspect. Now Melek seems to be a bit misplaced here. But that did not take away from the movie.You'll never go wrong watching a Denzel movie.

best movie so far this year

This is a good movie. It reminded me of an old fashion crime story. I liked the old cars and the way secrets were slowly revealed as we went on. Took the whole family and we enjoyed watching it. Denzel deserves another Oscar.

Reality Check

A good movie and good acting by the cast. Reality check here, not every story has a happy ending. Loved the way they wrapped up the end.