Reviews for Wrong Turn ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.2 / 10

Good movie if in the right mood for some cliched horror.

Annoying, diverse group of millennials go on a hike in the Appalachians and duly get what they deserve, one by one and the naive girl learns a life lesson and grows up. That is the biggest satisfaction of the movie. The gore does its job, but acting is pretty mediocre. Ending is a surprise, but a satisfying one. Even the one after credits started to roll.

Didn't expect much, but was satisfyingly surprised. Maybe I just was in the right mood when watching.

Needs a different title.

Why name a movie that has NOTHING to do with the original? Just call it something else.

Same writer + woods doesn't automatically mean Wrong Turn

Should have just called this movie "The Foundation" lost respect for the writer trying to pass it off as a reboot. It's really a separate movie with no significant tie in.

An Absolute Garbage & Waste of Time

This is not the Wrong Turn which we waited for almost 7 years after Wrong Turn 6 in 2014. Totally unrelated to what Wrong Turn actually is. Please viewers if you are expecting it to be similar to what Wrong turn series was until 6th part then don't watch it, as it is totally something else.

Its rubbish

Im still here in the cinema watching the movie..... this movie has me wanting to drill my temples... rediculous obnoxious american trash...

Don't listen to all the negative reviews

I was almost put off watching this movie from reading a lot of negative reviews. It was a good job I ignored them. It was certainly a good, watchable movie. Now, If you're looking for a gory cannibalism movie and compare it to the original too much, you probably will be disappointed.. You need to take this movie as a stand alone film. It has a twist in it and takes a totally different direction (mind the pun) compared to the other wrong turn movies. I recommend watching it with an open mind, you might even enjoy it...

WOKE Turn 2021 is as Crappy as You Expect! Terrible, Woke and Not Entertaining!

Woke Turn is what I call this.

It has the heroic Black guy with a White gal, the woke White Girl calling out her rich White female friend, a gay Spanish and Indian couple. I threw up.

So one we finish with the Wokey there a plot? Barely. A group of multicultural friends go into the woods...oh before I forget, the White guy is the hot head loser who always loses his cools and cannot deal with situations. Not the females, because reasons.

Anyway go into woods, White guy overreacts, misunderstands, Black guy and White gal need to play heroes to remind us hicks are bad and so is racism.

I hate this movie. I loved the 1st three wrong turns, obviously the first is the best and 2 and 3 were watchable. This is like Wrong Turn 6? and it sucks!

Avoid all Woke Turns. 4.5 out of 10.

This is it

The absolute peak PC movie so far.Seriously, it can't get more pc.White people are all the absolute worst. Even the white guy in the group is a stupid coward jack ass.Black dude gets the smart white chick, and he's obviously a hero,a smart, courageous leader you can only respect.Gay couple of people of color of course added as well.Honestly, I wanted them all to die in the first 5 min.

Don't expect to watch a Wrong Turn film and you will enjoy a lot

I watched with very low expectations and I loved.The biggest fail were some plot holes, but it's intense, thrilling, surprising and twisted. The cinematography and the artistic direction are really good as well. However, this reboot hasn't any connection with the original franchise and that's a bad point for who was expecting to see Three Fingers and the rest of the redneck. For me, this version is more close of being a slasher reboot of Midsommar.

I loved it but understand the people who hated this film, because like I said, even being great and entertaining, this isn't the real Wrong Turn movies that we were used to watch.

Hipster Propaganda Horror

This film is as expected, pure millennial hipster horror, a usual group of snobby supossivly over educated college kids go on a road trip in the Appalachians, their attitudes right from the start turn you off, they obviously were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

In the beginning of their adventure they visit a local small town bar, where they offend the locals with their pompous educational snobbery. The college kids are approached by a local and he asks if they would like a guide during their adventure, but they play him off as an uneducated person. Even after insult the man wishes them well.

This is the "foundation" of this film, it is predictable, some scenes shot at 22/fps, in order to make the viewer feel like it's an action sequence, in my opinion it's a cheap effect, and has been done to death.

This film would be worth watching if the writers would of made the main protagonists not so snobby, maybe bring them down to earth, make them more likable, that's how you make a film of this genre, these characters are forgettable, and just silly.

Wrong Turn 2021 is trying to be an artsy horror film but fails on so many levels. I recommend to anyone to skip this film.

The real wrong turn was the script.

I was really looking forward to the new Wrong Turn movie, but i quickly realized the new film was yet another horrible PC, woke, pile of garbage that we have witnessed way too many times over the last couple of years. (this is actually the absolute worst example of wokeness i have ever seen in a movie) They focused so much on pushing their PC narrative that i never got to know or care for any of the main characters. To be honest i never expected much to begin with, but this was a giant kick to the face.

That being said, all other aspects of the movie was just as bad as their embarrassing attempt at being woke. All the main characters and the psycho killers were bland and dull. The killers in the original movie had character and a very threatening appearance. In this movie it's like they didn't even try! Don't get me started on their escape through the woods.. It was fascinating how boring they managed to make it.

I gave the original a 7 out of 10. This? I never thought i would give it 1 out of 10, but it was surprisingly easy after watching for just 10 minutes.

When i watch horror, i want to escape politically correct smudge, but i guess that was to much to ask.

Stay clear of this horrible garbage. I will never get my one hour and 50 minutes back.

AWFUL. A real sacrilege to the 2003 original

It does not meet the expectations of the horror genre. It doesn't appeal to fans of the original 2003 movie. It's a waste of time and money. I am deeply disappointed with this reboot. Even the trailer is misleading


The worst movie eeeeverIt's a shame to be called wrong turn what the FI highly highly highly recommend anyone read this review before seeing the movie please for the love of humanity don't just don't

Most annoying "victims" ever

The youth clique which falls victim to the "killers" is easily the most annoying and hateable group of hipster a**es.Sadly this is about everything this movie can show for, as the story is stupid and wants to be way too deep, for it′s own good.The kills are bad, the ending is crap..

Cutting it short - this flick has nothing going for it - waste of time.

Not a Wrong Turn movie,not worth it

Comparing to the reboot of Chucky, the story changed from a doll haunted by the spirit of a serial killer to a malfunction AI but it was still Chucky at the end of the day. When I watch the Wrong Turn franchise I expect cannibal hillbillies, it was a shame they took Saw-Tooth,One-Eye and Three-Finger from the remake and instead put this Foundation group. It's literally like doing a Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy.The only piece of Wrong Turn that truly remains is the location. By all means, it's just another horror movie pretending to be Wrong Turn. Every Chase scene is anti-climatic, every jumpscare fails to be a surprise. The plot and outcome of each character's arc is generic and predictable.They should just had chosen another name for the movie.Such a money grab.

People are scared to say it, so I will...

This movie is such an over the top, heavy handed attempt at PC box ticking it's almost insulting.The group of (cough cough) teens in this movie are so PC it's hard not to be distracted by it. Heroic black guy with dreams of making a small utopia where racism and classism is not a thing, oh and he has a strong, intelligent, white girlfriend, an Asian guy (Indian I think) with a gay mixed race boyfriend because, you've gotta tick that box, a cocky, arrogant, downright rude and cowardly white guy, because white men are nasty, horrible and cowardly these days, most of Twitter says so and that makes it true.Then they bump into a bunch of racist, homophobic hillbillies, because, all hillbillies are racist white homophobic people right.It's insulting to just about every demographic out there.

The film itself, if you can get past what I've just mentioned, isn't actually that bad, it's well made, quite un-nerving at times, well acted and has some decent horror tropes in there. But calling this Wrong turn and saying it's a "Remake" or "Reimagining" is absolutely ridiculous. to remake/reimagine a movie, you have to have some form of semblance to the movie you're remaking. There has to be the skeleton of the original to build something on. There just isn't that here, it's a COMPLETELY different movie. The only connection it has to any of the Wrong turn movies is that it's set in a forest, that's it.There's even a scene where it pokes fun at the original movies, where some guy asks his daughter if they're having a family movie night and she replies with, "Yes my brothers have chosen a film about murderous inbred deformed hillbillies" and the dad replies "What, again?" So I'm guessing the original movies only exist in this universe as "Movies" now.

I was also disappointed with the kill scenes and the gore, it's no where near as bloodthirsty as the wrong turn movies, most of the kills take place off screen and then cut to a mangled corpse, you rarely see any of the kills happen even though some of the after effect make up is well done. I don't know why they chose this angle because they clearly had the budget to show them but simply chose not to.

This film could so easily have been called anything else an no one would have had any idea it was supposed to be connected to the Wrong turn series.

If you can get past the blatant box ticking that literally hammers you over the head with forced inclusion/diversity and you enjoy movies set in the woods and movies with dangerous cults, then you might like this but don't go into this expecting anything like the wrong turn movies because you will be disappointed.

I sorely hope this isn't where all modern movies are going right now, there's being inclusive and diversive and then there's just pandering for the sake of pandering which is insulting to everyone with half a brain.


Watch the originals, this one is useless. What a time waster! Actors can't act, director can't direct, story sucks. The actors are your typical woke teenage losers and I loved watching every last one of them die. That was the best part of the movie, to watch them all die.

The only wrong turn here is the one you make turning into the theater.

Surprise! More WOKE garbage.

This trash has nothing to do with the original and the fact that they used the name shows just how low Hollywood will go to sell their message.

One star is generous.

Matthew Modine, I'm ashamed of you.

Turn around.. and don't come back!

Much love for the original Wrong Turn movies, was disappointed I managed to watch this without turning it off mid-way to go look at some paining I did throughout the day drying. At no point during the 100+ minutes did I feel anything other than a painful static noise in my head. If I could go back in time and poke a hot iron in my own eyes just to save a past version of myself from seeing this pile of utter nonsense I would most certainly not think twice. I would highly advise any fan of the original movies to stick to the original movies and give this a miss.

The Hills have Rednecks

I'm a big fan of Wrong Turn series, I think they're quite good B-slasher movies. So, I was ready to watch at least something decent. I was wrong. This movie has nothing to do with Wrong turn. If the movie was called The hills have rednecks, nothing had change.The movie is bland, the script unoriginal and full of cliches and the acting is extremely amateurish. Even the Fx's are bad.So, if you're a fan of the original Wrong turn movies or good slashers avoid this one.